31 January 2013

6,000th Post!

And herewith the 6,000th post on the crap fest I humbly call The Poor Mouth

Although she has been dead for nearly four years now Mimi's ghost remains astonished that I have managed to churn out so much rubbish over the past seven years (or seven years come April anyway)

I would like to commend my little band of readers for their patience and tenacity. I hope to be celebrating my 10000th post in several year's time

In the light of early morning

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Perfidious Madonna II Rev

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Perfidious Madonna Rev

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Over the Hills and Far Away

Immigrant Song

30 January 2013

Albert Speer: A Fate Worse Than Prison

 A terrible fate even for a war criminal

Thanks to Roger Butterfield for drawing this slip one to my attention

Spare a thought for the Radio 4 announcer who made the unfortunate slip of suggesting that Albert Speer was once in Spandau Ballet. Hitler's architect never troubled the hit parade, but was sentenced at the Nuremberg trials to 20 years in prison, most of it spent at Spandau prison in west Berlin. The on-air gaffe on Wednesday afternoon had the unlikely consequence of Gary Kemp's new romantics trending on Twitter. "The nice announcer lady on Radio 4 just said that Albert Speer was in Spandau Ballet. That can't be right," tweeted Ben Goldacre. "Apparently Albert Speer spent 20 years in Spandau Ballet according to Radio 4," said Michael Guitar. "It's not 'True' but it IS pure 'Gold'."

So there you have it a little slip but an amusing one

They Saved Hilter'sTurds

The Tablet lreports that one of Hitler's toilets has been discovered in Florence, New Jersey of all places.  When Greg Kohfeldt bought Sam Carlani’s auto-repair shop here almost 20 years ago he also acquired Der Fuhrerkhazi too.

According to Kohfeldt, the toilet came off of Hitler’s biggest private yacht, the Aviso Grille, which was between 400 and 500 feet long, and at the time one of the biggest private boats in existence. Another resident of Florence, Dick Glass—an expert on on the yacht stated that the ship was armed, had a crew of 245 men and a private room for Eva Braun.

After the war ended, the Aviso Grille was taken to the United States and ended up in the hands of New Jersey shipyard owner Harry Doan, who illegally charged visitors 25 cents to board and tour Hitler’s Yacht. However, according to Glass, both Doan and the federal government wanted to prevent the ship from becoming a memorial to Hitler, and so it was scrapped in Doan’s salvage yard in the early 1950s.  At that point, Sam Carlani needed a new toilet. Doan, his close friend and poker buddy, told him he had one available.

The toilet has all traits of a toilet from a  ship—including an open side slot for seawater to be pumped in. The knobs on the faucet bear text written in Blackletter—the famous and classically German family of typefaces that Hitler adored.

While Kohfeldt seems proud of his object’s notoriety, he seems remarkably unexcited by the fact that he owns Hitler’s toilet. This may be because the story of Hitler’s possessions in Florence only begins with his toilet. When the ship came to the United States, it was taken apart, and many of the pieces were distributed throughout Florence. One man took the teak wood from the paneling on the yacht and built himself a porch. The American Legion Post 194 in Florence still has one of the tables from Hitler’s ship in their office. The aforementioned Dick Glass used a port window for his own house; he also collected the brass screws from the Grille with his father to build their own yacht. Other bits and pieces of the Grille are scattered throughout nearby towns.

And so on.

So there you have it... the Bog(s) from Brazil perhaps.... ust so long as noody looks to recreate Hitler from his turd leavings

Findng Freedom

By Sue Watson. She has create something truly beautiful.

Here she is in conversation.  My own commentary is utterly superfluous

Pere Lachaise


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Glow II


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Cheeky Kimono

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In the Night

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Against a dark bacground

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Against a light background

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Tim and skulls

Tim, Chase

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29 January 2013


Church of Noise

Going Nowhere




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Crab Spider Luminous


Something to make me yearn for warmer times



Old Friend

Half covered

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Solrised Landscape II

Solarised Landscape

27 January 2013

Dagmar Hagelin

Today also marks the 36th anniversary of Dagmar Hagelin's abduction by the butcher Alfredo Astiz. Despite having nothing to do with an "subversive"activities she was shot by Astiz men taken to ESMA and murdered there.

Astiz received a life sentence for his despicable crimes in 2011. I hope he rots in prison until the day he dies.I hope that the last thing he sees before he dies are the faces of Hagelin and all of the others he murdered in the name of the junta.

It pisses me off that while Pinochet's crimes are remembered all too  many fellow leftists hardly say a word about the crimes  of the Argentine junta

Holocaust Memorial Day

Today was Holocaust Memorial Day.This poignant image was created for a poster to mark the day last year.  No words I can say can can come close to describing the horror of the Holocaust

Tim V

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People and the ghosts of people revisited

Pere Lachaise revisited

First Sesion III

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First Sesion II

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First session

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Taken fro the first session we did together two years go A rather inauspicious start

Ambivalence II

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26 January 2013

Birth of a Flower

A Pere Lachaise Ghost

Rodin Demon

Detailsof statue at the Rodin Museum, Paris


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Man on the Edge

For a bit of contrast!

Saturday Groovers

Goodnight Oslo

Belltown Ramble

Adventure Rocket Ship