06 August 2012

Britons continue to sit their way to olympic glory

Another good day so far t the Olympics with the GB winning their 40th medal so far(18 Golds, 11 Silvers and 11 Bronzes) with two more medals absolutely guaranteed (boxers that have so far reached the semi-finals of their events)

As in Beijng Britain seems to excel in sports which involve sitting on or in something, be it bike horse or something that floats

Of the 18 Gold Medals, 13 have been won sitting down (in Canoeing, Cycling, Showjumping , Sailing and Rowing) versus five standing (in Athletics Shoting and Tennis)

Of the 11 silvers the situation is a bit more even with six sitting medals (in Canoeing, Sailing, 3 Day eventing and of curse cycling) against five not sitting (gymnastics, judo, swimming tennis and athletics)

Amazingly when we look at the bronzes not sitting sports are in the majority with five from sitting (Rowing and cycling) and six from non-siting events (Judo, Gymnastics, and swimming)

That makes a total of 24 medals for sitting, and 16 for standing! 

yes I know it's more complicated than that but why spoil a good stereotype!


Anonymous said...

"That makes a total of 24 medals for sitting, and 16 for standing"

Now that is an interesting statistic I have not seen reported anywhere else. Perhaps you should send that analysis to a newspaper. And it makes me wonder how much better it might get if we could add some lying down events. The only one that comes to mind is Winter Olympics Luge, and I think we do have a lady who is very good at lying down for that. I am rather expert at lying down myself, and may win gold for Britain in an endurance/marathon lie down. We need to work on the IOC to get something suitable added for Rio. I could selflessly lie down on a beach in Rio for Britain, if called upon.

jams o donnell said...

Ah Andrew, let's join up for the synchronised sunbathing event at Rio!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about sunbathing, come to think of it, since my Scottish body has got a deficient set of genes for melanin. Maybe if there was a "sunburn sprint" category, otherwise I'll restrict myself to the indoor categories such as the "lying in bed and surviving on room service" event.

jams o donnell said...

Ah you're an endurance man then!