28 August 2012

George Galloway is a shit part 216,849

Just a week after his comments on the alleged Assnge rape Galloway is in the shit again and with good cause:

On Sunday Galloway  called someone a "window-licker" (a derogatory term for a disabled person) in a conversation on Twitter. He made the comment during a conversation on Sunday. He tweeted to @Hawfa: "you badly need medical help son. Will decent Rangers fans please substitute this windae-licker … " The tweet was attacked as insensitive by fellow Twitter users

 In 2003, the term was voted third most offensive that could be used relating to disability in a poll run for the BBC's Ouch! disability talk show. Dan Scorer, senior campaigns and policy manager at the learning disability charity Mencap said: "We are appalled that George Galloway, a member of parliament, has used this unacceptable term of abuse, which is deeply offensive to disabled people. Hate crime and bullying are a daily reality for many disabled people and the use of language like this only furthers hostility and violence. We call on him to apologise immediately."

 Galloway is in Indonesia and could not be immediately contacted.

Why anyone is stupid enough to vote for this shit is utterly beyond me.


Claude said...

Plenty of shit people in this world to vote for shit people, Jams. We have some in Canada...Voters and candidates!

jams o donnell said...

But he's really out there for sheer repulsiveness

Kay Dennison said...

We have them here, too, They call themselves Republicans.

jams o donnell said...

Haha Kay!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

What Claude says.

jams o donnell said...