24 June 2006

The Future’s Bright but the Future’s Probably not Kinky

It has now been confirmed that country singer turned crime novelist Richard (Big Dick) “Kinky” Friedman was been officially validated the independent candidate in the Texas gubernatorial race. He joins the three other candidates (Democrat, Libertarian and Independent Carole Strayhorn) who are seeking to unseat Republican incumbent Rick Perry. A recent Zogby poll shows Kinky on 17.5%, well behind Perry’s 40% rating.

With the anti-Republican vote being split several ways there seems little chance of the Kinkster emulating Jesse Ventura’s shock win in Minnesota a few years ago but as a lover of his books and someone who still sniggers when he plays Get Your Biscuits in the Oven (and Your Buns in the Bed) I wish him well!


elasticwaistbandlady said...

A family down the street already has their "Vote Kinky" sign in place. I think it would be fun to produce some T-shirts that say, "Let's Get Kinky", on the front and "For Governor", on the back.

His bumper stickers are funny too. It features his face with the words, "KINKY For Governor. Why The Hell Not"? and "My Governor is a Jewish Cowboy". Favorite? "He ain't Kinky, he's my Governor".

I judge all Texas gubernatorial candidates based upon their salsa making skills. Kinky has his own brand, you know. So, I finally bought some a few weeks ago, and it is damn good. I just may vote for him after all.

jams o donnell said...

LOL I wonder how his talking action figure dolls are selling too.

I can't see him winning but he should make the election fun!