19 March 2007

A de Chirico street and THE de Chirico street

Giorgio de Chirico was a surrealist (or is that pre-surrealist?) artist - not to everybody's taste, perhaps, but I find his work preferable to, say, Dali (which isn't saying much)

This painting is called Melancholy and Mystery of a street. You can say that it is a De Chirico Street.

This, on the other hand, is Robyn performing De Chirico Street with Deni Bonet's on her open access show "Duets with Deni". With lyrics like I was followed home by a weighing machine
On De Chirico Street It said, "What do you know?" I said, "What do you mean?" On De Chirico Street Can you go wrong?

It will be the pinnacle of my life to be able to say "Jasper this one's evil" but then I am a sad case...


Steve Bates said...

Ah! I am fond of his work, and Houston's Menil Collection (once the private collection of Dominique de Menil, who knew all these artists personally) contains a painting of that street, though with different things and activities!

I'll listen to Robyn's rendition later. I'm sitting at the apartment pool, and the speakers on this laptop could be kindly described as suboptimal.

jams o donnell said...

Ah it's good to see collections like that being open to the public. Better than it being split up and siold to to private collectors, never to be seen .

Enjoy Robyn when you get the chance!

CC said...

A good friend of mine lived on De Chirico street here in Houston. It was located next to Chagall, Klee, and Monet Lane. Hmmmm, if I didn't know any better, I'd think they purposely started a theme. The developers left out Farrah Fawcett Road though. She is perhaps the greatest butt painter the world has ever known. She even sold a video of her 'creating' her masterpieces to Playboy. That lady is all class.

Pete said...

Robyn is a revelation. Worthy of perpetual Eurovision performances;)

jams o donnell said...

HOw could they miss her out Ewbl? anyone who can paint with her arse is a queen among women!

Glad you like it Pete.. I love Robyn,, this one is just fun!