18 October 2011

Desert Isand Discs Part II

4. London Calling - The Clash

3. Host of Seraphim - Dead Can Dance

2. In'Nin Alu -- Ofra Haza

1, Airscape - Robyn Hitchcock

Perhaps m favourite song

The bok? An anthology of the Aubre-Maturin novels, all twenty of them!

THe Luxury? Hmm Perhaps just an active imagination!


Sarconymous said...

Ah yes, the question of one's favourite "bok", and then "m" favourite song. Much harder than choosing a favourite book and my favourite song :)

Anonymous said...

Ah no Sarconymous, I think it was Calum who deduced, long, long ago, that Jams types with his fists. 'tis part of his charm, whatever the Damned DonQuiSnottie may say.

jams o donnell said...

Ah just a little stretch of the imagination, Sarconymous!

Calum is correct... and I use boxing gloves for added typo opportunity!