17 May 2012

And now some gratuitous swearing

Stephen Fry presented an entertaining (if not particularly scholarly) series about language last year called Planet Word. Here is national treasure (Brian Blessed in fact he is the only British actor to be included on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites) swearing gratuitously... well not gratuitously in that it was meant to show that swearing allows one to keep ones hand in cold water for longer than if you don't sear.

I like it because he says bollocks a lot


beakerkin said...


See if you get that obscure reference

jams o donnell said...

Bot obscure for people of our age Beak! He did play Vultan!

beakerkin said...

I think that is his most famous role. He must be laughing about how people still remember that film with Timothy Dalton and music from Queen.

I may have been the only person who wanted to see part 2.

jams o donnell said...

I remember how dreadful it was. It didn't help that I never liked Queen!

beakerkin said...

On many levels the film was dreadful but if you saw it you never forgot it. Try finding anyone that remembers Black Sunday or the Deep. Even the Sand Pebles isn't remembered and I watched it last year.

I doubt you can find many who vividly recall the Deep.

jams o donnell said...

It was a dreadful film.I think I saw the Deep and I've seen the Sand Pebbles a couple of times.. Don't know Black Sunday