29 May 2012

Yet another Al Qaida number two meets his demise

Today's Independent reports the death of yet another  al-Qa'ida second-in-command. This time The organisation's number two in Afghanistan was killed in a NATO air strike.

The attack in the easter Kunar province killed Sakhr al-Taifi , who frequently travelled between Afghanistan and Pakistan, carrying out commands from senior al-Qa'ida leaders.

The coalition said al-Taifi was responsible for commanding foreign insurgents in Afghanistan and directing attacks against coalition and Afghan forces. He also supplied weapons and equipment to eastern insurgents and transported fighters into Afghanistan.

The report goes on to say that al-Qa'ida's is believed to have only a nominal presence in Afghanistan.

Once again I must wonder how many number twos does Al Qaida get through? Given the number killed over the last ten years or so it must be the most perilous job on the planet! On the other hand the expression dead man's shoes does not mean a long wait for a lift up the career ladder.

Afghanistan's next number two is a small rock 3km north east of Kandahar


SnoopyTheGoon said...

#2 could be interpreted in several ways, you know. Anyway, this is the expected job benefit.

jams o donnell said...

In that respect they are all number twos!