18 August 2008

An old bullfighter and an older joke

There’s an old joke that goes something like this:

A guy on holiday in Spain goes into a restaurant. While deciding what he wants to eat he catches the waft of a delightful smell. He sees another diner eating a huge meal which looks absolutely delicious.

He asks a waiter what the dish is. The waiter tells him that is bull testicles in a special wine and herb sauce. When he asks the waiter for a serving he is told that there is none left but if he were to come back the following day after the bullfights there would be more available.

The following day he returns to and true to his word the waiter presents him with a meal which is n utter delight. However one thing puzzles him so he calls over the waiter and asks why the portion was so much smaller than the one he saw the previous day

To which the waiter replied." Sometimes senor the bull wins”

Meanwhile according to today’s Times Frank Evans, 66, from Salford, has valiantly overcome a badly damaged knee and a quadruple bypass heart surgery to appear in a charity bullfight (+presumably not for the Spanish equivalent of the RSPCA).

Known professionally as El Inglés since the 60s Evans completed his performance by driving his sword into the bull’s neck to the hilt, earning the applause and the waving white handkerchiefs of an Andalusian crowd.

“This confirms what I’ve been telling all those doubters, that I’m fit enough to do this,” Mr Evans said after his bull was dragged from the sand and he was presented with the animal’s ears. “

Mr Evans wants to arrange a professional fight in the autumn and then head to South America in the winter to complete his objective to fight in every country that kills bulls in the ring (He has yet to fight in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador).

Perhaps a tourist in Andalucía (perhaps Ecuador, Peru or Colombia) will be disappointed that his plate of cojones are from El Ingles rather than El Toro. No tears will be shed at Hope Cottages.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Liked the joke. I won't be shedding ny tears, either.

Ardent said...

I wonder if Frankie would of been able to drive the sword into the Bull's neck if the Bull had not been drugged and pacified?

I'd like to see a Bull ram it's horn into Frankie's bum. I would applaud that!

Archie said...

As someone who's birth certificate reads C.O Jones I would not like to see myself served up on a platter.

But in this case I wouldn't shed too many tears if the bull were to win.

jams o donnell said...

Ardent, Welshcakes Agreed!

Haha toothache!

Nunyaa said...

Long Live the Bulls !!

jams o donnell said...

Go toro I say Nunyaa

Princess said...

Jam, you made my Tuesday!!! (hahahahaha)

jams o donnell said...

Glad to be of service!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I like watching Running Of The Bulls videos on youtube, Without fail, I cheer for the bulls.