19 June 2011

EDL coming to Romford

There is an Armed Forces Day parade in Romford this coming Saturday (25 June). Serving members of our armed forces, cadet forces and veterans will parade along South Street.

It will be well attended by local citizens who are looking for a peaceful and pleasant time. Sadly there is one group that intends to be there who, with their appalling track record of loutery may well cause problems on the day.

The English Defence League has a Romford Division that intends to be out to support the parade. According to their Facebook page:

"we will be celebrating this years armed forces day in our usual patriotic manner in romford market,this is not an edl demonstration but an event to support our brave lads and lasses from the armed forces and as such we request that you all bring your flags,edl colours are optional.this is a family event so the more youngsters that show up the better"

The EDL are a bunch of louts who create trouble wherever they march. While this is not a demonstration I would be mightily surprised if they do not get tanked up at one of the local pubs - possibly the Lamb, the Golden Lion or perhaps the Bitter End given that they intend to meet at the Market Place.

I would not be surprised if racial abuse is shouted at Asian Romfordonians at the very least.

To give an example of what the EDL are like Flesh is Grass  has an important post about an EDL march from Redbridge to Dagenham yesterday. 250 members marched through the borough without a police escort.  Three Asian youths were attacked, one requiring hospital treatment for a broken jaw. Such violence is par for the course for the EDL.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What a pity this group may spoil the day.

jams o donnell said...

Ah the Bitter End is a good music venue Snoopy. But they are morons!

I sincerely hope they do nt Welshcakes