28 May 2006

I've been Tagged

If you have been tagged for the first-time:

1) you must credit the person who tagged you; and
2) name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most; and
3) you 'may' then choose other bloggers to tag.

I have been tagged by Obokun who asked me to name ten of life’s simple pleasures that I like the most:

Here goes in no order

1) A bottle of Chateau Musar from Lebanon. A veritable thug among red wines!

2) Robyn Hitchcock, an acoustic guitar and a small venue like the 12 Bar Club in in Denmark Street London

3) The company of my four cats Robyn, Ted, Bebe and Mimi

Felis hirsuta var. bebe

4) My garden on a summer evening when the night scented flowers are in bloom

5) An oat cake topped with Manchego and Quince cheese, an Almond Croissant and a cup of Skybury Estate coffee. All of this followed by second helpings, the fat sod I am!

6) A good pub, good company, good conversation and a pint or six of real ale

7) Spending time with the not-wife. We may have known each other for nearly 25 years but I never tire of her company.

8) Lying on the sofa with the lights off and Hawkwind on the cd player.

Hawkwind's finest hour

9) A bloody good read - Flann O’ Brien naturally springs to mind!

10) Wandering at my leisure through the Tate (Britain or Modern), the Cortauld or one of London’s other galleries

Who should I tag? Here goes.. Check out:




Anonymous said...

Tha's because you are glutton for punishment, worm

? said...

thanks for the credit. It makes it easy for me to take sides with the not wife.