04 June 2011

The photo an uncle should never take!

© 2011 Shaun P Downey

Nephew and I playing silly buggers. Serious photos to follow


Knatolee said...

You naughty, NAUGHTY uncle. HAHAHAHA!

Btw, my hubby thinks you write the funniest haiku EVER. I am inclined to agree!

Kay Dennison said...


jams o donnell said...

It was fun getting Tim to line up for this shot. Rather naughty of me eh Knat! Glad you like my haikus!

Glad you like it Kay

Syncopated Eyeball said...

Boys will be boys, eh? ;)

jams o donnell said...

True SE. We may be adults (I'm not too far off 50 and nephew is in his mid 20s) but that doesn't mean we aren't puerile at heart!