13 June 2011

Ugh I feel dirty

Checking on visitors to a post in October 2009 regarding Tracey Emin and her desire to leave the country because of the taxation policies of the last government (My view was that the talentless troll should go toot sweet!) I noticed that the post was linked to in an unpleasant article by someone called Lasha Darkmoon. The article is just one of a umber that appear on a racist website called the Occidental Observer.

The editor is Kevin MacDonald, professor of Psychology at Cal State University in Long Beach.

I won't add any links. Google the above persons and site if you really want to.

I have amended the original blog post to say:

"If you have come here from a Google or other search please enjoy the photo. The article in question has been removed.

If you have come via the link on that odious website The Occidental Observer then kindly FUCK OFF!"


Syncopated Eyeball said...

Good for you, Jams. (Actually I quite like some of Ms Emin's work.)

Gledwood said...

Why does she wanna leave the country? Because she was paying too much tax?

If I were rich I think I'd get the hell out of Britain. I'm not wholly against paying taxes just exhorbitant ones that I know are getting squandered. THAT's what I'm against.

I don't mind paying for the NHS though. How any country like America can call itself "civilized" and then deny healthcare to huge sectors of the populace is just beyond me.........

Francis Hunt said...

It's the inevitable risk of the internet. Once you've posted something, you have no control over what others will do with it ...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh, that professor Macdonald... yeah, he is a piece of work, that one.

jams o donnell said...

I have never been impressed by her or Damien Hirst SE. I draw the line at being linked to by a bunch of scumbags like those at the Occidental Observer.

It was a tax thing Gleds. Sadly we don't get too much say over how our taxes are spent. That said most of it is not spent badly.

Aye that is true Francis

Well said and without an expletive too mon ami!