01 May 2012

A bit of sun for an overcast day courtesy of William Topaz McG

by William McGonagall

Beautiful Sun! with thy golden rays,
To God, the wise Creator, be all praise;
For thou nourisheth all the creation,
Wherever there is found to be animation.

Without thy heat we could not live,
Then praise to God we ought to give;
For thou makest the fruits and provisions to grow,
To nourish all creatures on earth below.

Thou makest the hearts of the old feel glad,
Likewise the young child and the lad,
And the face of Nature to look green and gay,
And the little children to sport and play.

Thou also givest light unto the Moon,
Which certainly is a very great boon
To all God's creatures here below,
Throughout the world where'er they go.

How beautiful thou look'st on a summer morn,
When thou sheddest thy effulgence among the yellow corn,
Also upon lake, and river, and the mountain tops,
Whilst thou leavest behind the most lovely dewdrops!

How beautiful thou seem'st in the firmament above,
As I gaze upon thee, my heart fills with love
To God, the great Creator, Who has placed thee there,
Who watches all His creatures with an eye of care!

Thou makest the birds to sing on the tree,
Also by meadow, mountain, and lea;
And the lark high poised up in air,
Carolling its little song with its heart free from care.

Thou makest the heart of the shepherd feel gay
As he watches the little lambkins at their innocent play;
While he tends them on the hillside all day,
Taking care that none of them shall go astray.

Thou cheerest the weary traveller while on his way
During the livelong summer day,
As he admires the beautiful scenery while passing along,
And singing to himself a stave of a song.

Thou cheerest the tourist while amongst the Highland hills,
As he views their beautiful sparkling rills
Glittering like diamonds by the golden rays,
While the hills seem to offer up to God their praise.

While the bee from flower to flower does roam
To gather honey, and carry it home;
While it hums its little song in the beautiful sunshine,
And seemingly to thank the Creator divine --

For the honey it hath gathered during the day,
In the merry month of May,
When the flowers are in full bloom,
Also the sweet honeysuckle and the broom.

How beautiful thy appearance while setting in the west,
Whilst encircled with red and azure, 'tis then thou look'st best!
Then let us all thank God for thy golden light
In our prayers every morning and night!

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Thou makest the birds to sing on the tree"

This was the point where I broke in tears. Too strong for me, I need me a fortifier...

jams o donnell said...

William T MacG drives another to drink!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God I need a nap
Let's be honest MacG is crap
Although that's meant to be the attraction
The deid old guy is now driving me to distraction

jams o donnell said...

You love it really!

Claude said...

The sun has been hiding here, ever since I read that poem out loud. Scared to death to hear more...

Andrew Andronnagal said...

The Lady Claude has a very fine hat
upon her head it is proudly sat
She's smartened up and looking good
Ready to nurse to the neighbourhood
That was a while ago
truth to tell
but her comments still cheer us
and help keep us well
Nursing the body is all very fine
but I need a nurse
who looks after the mind

Anonymous said...

And dare I say... she's looking a little bit, oh... je ne sais quoi... in that crisp nurses outfit.

Claude said...

Dear A.A.

Which mind?
So blind!
Can't find
Right kind
To wind.


jams o donnell said...

A photograph of bulb or corm
is nothing compared to a uniform
A crisp starched dress is a mark of care
and linen hat to protect the hair

Claude said...

WOW! I'm probably the only nurse in the world, getting celebrated with inspiring poetry, 58 years after her graduation.

Merci, mes amis!

jams o donnell said...

Life for you could be much worse
not brightened by belated verse