30 May 2006

The Passion of Sinned John

It looks as of John Prescott's political number is up. Hot on the heels of last months's Two Shags expose and his subsequent political castration, we were treated last week to a photograph of him playing Croquet of all things.

The croquet picture was intended to whip up outrage at the idea of him playing games when he was acting Prime Minister (well it was the Daily Mail a paper not exactly renowned for being a hotbed of progressive thought!) and it seems to have had the desireed effect as we now see understandably jittery backbenchers calling for his departure.

Being brought down a game associated with the aristocracy is utterly ludicrous but Prescott's exit now seems to be inevitable. Much as it galls me to say so I don't see any other option but to let him go. This will of course precipitate a potentially divisive deputy leadership election but what can we do? Watch the party sink further in the mire?

Better still in my view would be to couple the Deputy Leadership election with one for the Leadership at the earliest opportunity. As I have said before, we DO owe Blair an enormous debt of gratitude but his time has passed and he is increasingly a liability to our further fortunes. A double election now (or as soon as possible) would give the new incumbents time to bed down and hopefully guide the party in a direction that will regain our popularity and permit a fourth election victory.


Anonymous said...

"jittery" backbenchers, some of whom are hypocrites, like Kate "Tally" Hoey who spends her time being chair of the "Countryside Alliance", an organisation implicated in working to oust Labour MPs from their seats at the last election.
If anyone should be booted out it is that odious woman.

? said...

Thank you for this post.

I think the only difference between JP and any other politician is that his extra marital and other activities have been widely reported and thus providing the opportunity for judgment to be passed on him.

Does anyone out there seriously believe that all politicians or otherwise do not engage in such activity?

What I believe is more likely is that there is a concentrated effort to remove him from his current position and this is part of the process.

Finally however, one's political image is everything; no doubt he along with Tony may have sealed their fate. Politics is chance. Successful politicians cannot take chances!

jams o donnell said...

Can't say I care for Kate Hoey myself!

jams o donnell said...

Hi Obokun, it is probably true to say that the biggest commandment Prescott committed was the 11th one - Thou shall not get caught

But to expect our politicians not to play away from home is pretty unrealistic. They are human after all!

I think you are right to say that it was a concentrated attack. The government is in trouble and the opposition, the press and not a few on his own side are baying for his blood. Sadly though the attack has hit home and his position is untenable, as is Blair's

I would love to be able to say that both should stay the course and all will be well but both are seen as damaged goods. Better they both jump before they are pushed