28 March 2007

The Cover: Judas Priest, Diamonds and Rust


beakerkin said...

I guess there are no Alan Sherman clips on youtube.

My father told me a white lie and told me he ate himself to death. It just fit the wacky image.

jams o donnell said...

Au contraire, there are.. I only know the Camp Granada song myself

beakerkin said...

He had two albums that were popular. One was called my son the Folk singer. They are rip roaring hysterical but dated.

There was one song that was called Seltzer boy about an obnoxious customer in a resturant.

Great stuff just dated.

I will have to check.

beakerkin said...

How on earth did that Camp song get to the UK?????

Oddly it was used in a Charmin Toilet paper commercial in the USA

jams o donnell said...

The Camp Granada song was a hit here I think... It was played a lot when I was a kid.

Not sure if his albums sold well here. Quite a few big stars never got an audience here. eg I love George Carlin but he is not known.. on teh otehr hand Bill Hicks was a lot bigger here than he was in the US,, fir waht that is worth

Steve Bates said...

beakerkin, are you sure? You do know that the music pre-dates the Sherman song by more than a century, don't you?