15 March 2007

Hoist by your own dog end?

Last year, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) introduced on-the-spot fines to anyone caught dropping a cigarette end as part of a campaign for cleaner neighbourhoods. However, according to Westminster city council, it seems that staff at Defra headquarters is one of the worst government departments for discarded dog ends.

Not much of a story I know but a surely case of "physician heal thyself!"


Steve Bates said...

I confess I thought of another kind of dog when I read your headline. Some towns here have ordinances fining you for that kind of dropping, too, if you don't follow your pup with a poop-scoop.

Quite a few public buildings here have minimum smoking distances from their entrances. More honored in the breach...

As to the time-honored saying, I've seen it suggested that one should name one's dog "Physician" so one can command, "Physician, heel thyself!"

Here ends the silliness for the moment.

jams o donnell said...

We have the same laws in place about fouling. Cant blame the dogs but I would like to see some local owners having their noses rubbed in what their pets leave on the pavement (sidewalk to you!.

Had I not stopped I would be one of those outside my office in all waethers smoking.. I used to be a 35 a day man so I would have had to have moved my desk outside!

Steve Bates said...

Back in the day, there was a similar problem at the U. of Texas School of Public Health. In those days, there was a lovely park (since replaced with another building) on one side of the school. The dean proclaimed there was to be no smoking near the door of the school; smokers naturally moved out into the lovely park. There was no good solution to that one... though I suppose constructing the building where the park used to be put an end to the problem.

jams, I'm glad you quit. They say that quitting at just about any time (before you develop cancer, of course) really does improve your chances for a longer life. Your readers want you to stick around!