10 March 2007

FAA memorial

Images of the James Butler's Fleet Air Arm memorial on the Embankment, not far from Parliament. One of London's more eerie monuments in my view, but still I like it.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I guess I don't know what Fleet Air Arm is but it looks as though someone took a bit of inspiration from Icharus.

Nowadays all the little teen goths run around with their dollar store costume wings. These guys wouldn't stand out in a goth crowd at all.

Matt M said...

It's a fascinating piece. I was in London recently, but managed to miss it.

What did strike me was that - when it comes to war - men are represented largely through historical figures like Montgomery, while women get a series of clothes on coat pegs.

Not sure if there's anything in that (except it portrays women as purely functional), but I thought it was interesting.

jams o donnell said...

The Fleet Air Arm is the Navy's aviation branch. It is much smaller than it used to be of course. It certainly does ook like he has sprouted wings and is about to take flight. In some respects it's quite sinister but it is a subject I will photograph again.

The women's war wmemorial is interesting but I am not sure I am desperately keen on it.

There are plenty of interesting stuff in London, often hidden in plain sight. I suppose the FAA memorial isn't so well known because most people heading eastish from Parliament (or westish to it) will usually go down Whitehall