20 July 2007

Brown Happy! Campbell relieved? Cameron gloomy?

Gordon Brown will be relieved this morning as Labour has held both Sedgefield and Ealing Southall, but with reduced majorities. Labour won Sedgefield, the seat formerly held by Tony Blair, with a majority of just under 7,000 compared to one of over 18,000 at the general election. In Ealing Southall, Labour’s majority fell from over 11,000 to 5,000.

In both seats there were substantial swings to the Liberal Democrats. This result should quell some of the recent calls for Menzies Campbell to stand down as the Lib Dem leader.

For Cameron and the Tories (or David Cameron’s Conservatives, however, it was a poor night. Despite putting an awful lot of resources into the Ealing Southall campaign, their share of the vote was little different to the general election (oh dear!). If I could be bothered I would take a look at some Tory blogs to see how their performance has been spun.. I would imagine they are accentuating the positive. Well Tony Lit did wear some smashing ties....

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