20 September 2008

Forough Farrokhzad - To My Sister

Sister, rise up after your freedom,
why are you quiet?
rise up because henceforth
you have to imbibe the blood of tyrannical men.

Seek your rights, Sister,
from those who keep you weak,
from those whose myriad tricks and schemes
keep you seated in a corner of the house.

How long will you be the object of pleasure
In the harem of men's lust?
how long will you bow your proud head at his feet
like a benighted servant?

How long for the sake of a morsel of bread,
will you keep becoming an aged haji's temporary wife,
seeing second and third rival wives.
oppression and cruelty, my sister, for how long?

This angry moan of yours
must surly become a clamorous scream.
you must tear apart this heavy bond
so that your life might be free.

Rise up and uproot the roots of oppression.
give comfort to your bleeding heart.
for the sake of your freedom, strive
to change the law, rise up.


Crushed said...

Well said.

Thanks for airing this.

Sean Jeating said...

More than 40 years since - and (almost) nothing has changed.

As always, thanks for sharing, Jams.

Anonymous said...

Great! I have copied this for a friend...

jmb said...

What we need are some men writing like this, well actually some men believing that things should be changed for these women and trying to do something about it!

Nunyaa said...

Inspiring :)

jams o donnell said...

Thanks everyone. It is an inspiring poem from one of Iran's greatest poets. Shame she died so young.

I agree wholeheartedly jmb.