18 September 2008

Great Gig in the Sky

By Pink Floyd. Richard Wright died of cancer on Monday


Nunyaa said...

The music will live on, a testament to a truly great band. My favorites are Dark side of the Moon and of course The Wall. RIP Richard :(

CherryPie said...

Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here is my all time fave album.

Anonymous said...

I was in Venice when they performed on a raft offshore. Fantastic!

BTW, I think those nameless female wordless singers deserve more credit than they ever got!

jams o donnell said...

I blew hot and cold over Pink Floyd. When they were hot they were hot, when they were not they were self indulgent tossers. That said they did a lot of great stuff so Rick will be missed.

I agree wholeheartedly Stu