17 September 2006

Cash for peerage scandal - a whole lot of nothing?

According to today’s Observer
police investigating the alleged cash-for-peerages scandal have so far found no 'compelling' evidence of serious wrongdoing, raising the likelihood that no charges will result from the high-profile Scotland Yard inquiry. This result will come as a relief to both Labour and the Conservatives who were threatened with involvement in what could have been one of the most damaging scandals of recent times.

And yet the damage has been done. People will remember the original headlines and form their opinions accordingly – that the Government is knee deep in sleaze. News that there is no case to answer will probably not change this impression. It is also sod’s law that the Tories will be less tarred by this scandal even though they too were under investigation.

The impression of sleaze is sadly another hurdle for Tony Blair’s successor to jump to secure a fourth term in 2009


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm a big fan of diversity. It's so refreshing to see scandal and political shenanigans on an equal opportunity basis.

Makes me question why the different parties can't agree when they have so very much in common. I wonder how much of it is mock disagreement for the public's benefit to distract away from greedy hands on both sides reaching into the cookie jar?

jams o donnell said...

While I don't believe labour and the tories are different wings of the same party they (as some might) do operate within relatively tight parameters.. What either party can do is limited by a number of factors, international treaties, the economy etc. I don't buy the Illuminati. bilderberger control thing but partly as a result and partluy from being in power, governments often tend to blur into each other.

Sleaze is sleaze though.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm not well versed on British politics but speaking as an American, we see the same old crap on all political fronts. Things are starting to become so freaking blurred and interchangeable, that I'm not even sure who I want to vote for anymore.

jams o donnell said...

There hve been long periods of consensus politics here.. the tories and labour were both wedded to the welfare state, free healthcare and so on from the 50s until Thatcher came on the scene. Although Blair's government has made a number of reforms for the better, I think it could ahve been a lot bolder in creating greater equality of opportunity. It has also cokced up on a number of issues too, sadly. Still I woud much prefer a Labour government over a tory one any day!