31 January 2007


A few weeks ago I noticed that I was getting a lot more traffic from Sweden than usual. The reason for this was a blog called Spinster and Spin(n)ster had kindly linked to a number of posts I put up over the summer/autumn about the new and old kindertansport memorials outside Liverpool Street station in London.

I was delighted when Siv (the owner of spin and spinster) asked whether I would be interested in participating in a new collaborative photo blog. Siv herself has a penchant for cats, monuments and plants and has a sense of the absurd so how could I refuse!

I you want to see more cat, plant or statue photographs from Sweden, London and the USA (so far) then Yet to be named is up and running. Not only will you see more photos of my (far from) ferocious foursome you will meet Fjant and Izzy, and Tristan, odd road signs and a lot more as time goes by.

While I am at it I will be updating Plant porn and pussycats more frequently.

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