26 February 2011

Signs of protest - Expatriates

Buzzfeed has a selection of Libyan protest signs both from within Libya and from expatriates around the world. Here are some from the US and UK expatriates. It is good to see Beavis return on the side of the Libyan protestors....


Gledwood said...

o i love this shit!

that's why i can't hate muslims although i hate the fundamentalism

arabs are more civilized than us

arabic food is the best

the arabic langauge is one of the most wonderful langauges on earth

they have so much going for them they don't need people like that cunt fucking them up

jams o donnell said...

If they didn't find a reason to ridicule they would scream or cry.

I certainly don't hate arabs or muslims although I have a huge dislike of fundamentalists of all religious and political persuasion

Knatolee said...

GREAT signs. And I'm with you Jams. I dislike fundamentalism/extremists; mostl Muslims AREN'T fundamentalists, despite what people seem to believe these days. Ditto with Christians, Jews... hmm, don't know about Scientologists. I think they are fundamentally fundamentalist. :) Anyway, the girl in the first pic is adorable.

jams o donnell said...

Scientologists are just a bunch of manipulative scumbags... just like other fanatics!

I loathe dogmatic religious and political people. I've found that "Shit that ain't right" will do me for a philosophy!

Steve Bates said...

Fanatics of whatever religious stripe are hard for me to take. Qaddafi is not one of them, though: he's just a power-mad, unspeakably violent bastid who IMHO cannot be deposed soon enough.

I am happy to note that the U.S. is for the most part trying not to intervene. That would have the worst possible consequences.

jams o donnell said...

In this case I agre Steve. Ghddafi is a power mad scumbag. The last thng Libya needs now is western intervention. It s their revolution. They need to play it out. The West then needs to build bridges after so much support for Moomar