13 February 2011

Tory Peer rightly reminds us of our place

When Ian Lang was last forced to sit next to an oik

Ian Lang was once a cabinet minister, serving with distinction under John Major, inarguably Britain’s greatest ever Prime Minister. When Major was soundly defeated in 1997 and Master Lang was ejected from his safe Scottish seat by the New Labour hordes, it felt as if part of my childhood had died.

Mercifully Master Lang was not forgotten: He was made a life peer and has since been entrusted with an important post, that of Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Business.

Along with three other peers, two knights and a dame Master Lang is responsible for examining applications from the most senior public servants who wish to take up outside appointments after they leave their previous service. They also advise on posts taken up by former ministers.

Master Lang has come under pressure from the ignorant and unworthy to admit lay members fro the lower orders of society. However, he has rightly and steadfastly resisted such a move.

Lord Lang told MPs he would “rather die in a ditch than share a committee room with some ghastly little oik like a waitress or bus driver."

The Commons Public Administration Committee, which is looking into the employment of former ministers in big business, received his comments well. Paul Flynn MP said: "Speaking as a bus driver of long standing who married a waitress, neither I nor my wife could ever hope to make a contribution to your committee"

I agree wholeheartedly. How could anyone who had not been born to the great and/or god ever hope to understand the complex issues that Master Lang grasps with consummate ease.

I for one know my place and will continue to tug my forelock when the squire rides by my hovel…


Löst Jimmy said...

I doff my flatcap in due regard to this Peer's higher intellect

jams o donnell said...

Damn right too!

Steve Hayes said...

Ah, John Major!

Who could possibly forget his major contribution to world peace and stability?

Remind me, what was it again?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Why, the offer to die in a ditch should be seriously considered, I say. If a Lord says so...


jams o donnell said...

Well to be give him his due he did start off the Northern Ireland peace process

jams o donnell said...

To be honst I do exaggerate but to dismiss a whole swathe of the people was arrogant and high handed