15 November 2011

Boris Johnson sides with greed, no shock there

London mayor Boris Johnson  once again (unsurprisingly) sided with the greedy last night labelling the anti-capitalist St Paul's protesters "crusties" and he renewed calls for them to be removed.

Last month Johnson declared that the protestors should (In the name of God and Mammon, go" (Mammon being wealth regarded as an evil influence, also the personification of the same as mentioned several times in the New Testament including the Sermon on the Mount).

The Mayor also called on judges to have the "cojones" to rule that they are "restricting the highway" adding that the protest was a "thoroughly maddening protest against capitalism"

Ach Johnson has always able to spew bullshit, and has done for years.  It is no surprise that he will automatically side with greed given the silver ladle in his mouth at birth. Ni big surprise he was a vandal in good standing member of the Bullingdon Club.

Here's to seeing this useless wanker booted out at next year's election


Steve Hayes said...

Was he named after your cat, or vice versa?

jams o donnell said...

We didn't name Boris but I think his name probably refers to Boris Becker, both being ginger.

Andrew said...

Ah yes, lovely sensitive Boris who described a £100,000 payment to him for his newspaper column as "mere chickenfeed". He is so in touch with real life in Britain, isn't he?

(Not Boris the cat of course... he calls little chickens chickenfeed and doubtless likes being fed them).

jams o donnell said...

I don't remember that one Andrew but it does not surprise me. If he were Marie Antionette the would say Let them eat shit!

*Yes I know Marie A never said the original comment)

Andrew said...

Actually it was a quarter million he called chickenfeed. See:

jams o donnell said...

Ah that that just makes him an even bigger fuckwit, Andrew