13 November 2011

Oh shit! Another Repubican hopeful creating new words!

Form a distant viewpoint the current crop of hopefuls wishing to become the one to challenge Obama next year is rather underwhelming, including as it does the libertarian psycopath Ron Paul, Herman Cain, a man wh can't keep his hands to himslef, Michelle Bachmann, a shrill harpy who makes Attila the Hun seem a dangerous leftist and a bunch of other idiots and fundamentalist fanatics.  

I would imagine that Mitt Romney will get the nod eventually as he seems to be bt some way the least obnoxious of the lot (but still pretty obnoxious). On the iother hand the stupider ther republican candidate is the more it seems that the people of USA seem to like them. (This compares to Democrat candidates  who seem mainly to be more intelligent but ineffective - Look at what a waste of space Obama has turned out to be).

Perhaps it will finally come down to which candidate can make up the most ridiculous new words. If so them Texan Governor (a maniac and gimlet eyed fundamentalist) has stormed in to a early lead!

Perry  has coined the new and quite unnecessary word forewithal. Speaking a=in a recent debate he had this to say when asked:

"How do you prevent the European crisis from becoming a problem on Wall Street?"

"Well, the French and the Germans have the economic forewithal to deal with this, they have the economy," he said, apparently conflating the words "fortitude" and "wherewithal".

Hmm that is one portmanteau the world can do without. Having spent milliseconds thinking about it I have a portmanteau to describe him - BLITHIOT! (blithering and idiot)


Knatolee said...

"Blithiot", I love that!

jams o donnell said...

How about Blanker!