19 April 2009

Hawkwind - Sentinel

A new song showcased on last year's tour (and on recent datss too). A new album is due this year. Definitely somehing to look forward to as well as the 40th Anniversary shows in August


Devonshire Dumpling said...

I used to love Hawkwind (and Quintessence too) when I could still hear music and what was sung. I am so surprised that Hawkwind are still going strong! This brings back a flood of wonderful memories of the sixties and flower power and CND marches. Of Mods and Rockers and my first scooter (with fleece trims, a lot of chrome and me in my parka jacket) Of joss sticks and seeing "Hair" live up in London. Hawkwind are still a band? It's such a shame that I would not hear them now but what wonderful music and lyrics they came up with.Those were MY days!

jams o donnell said...

Hawkwind are still going strong, albeit with only one original member. I saw them at the Astoria in December (The 14th or 15th time I've seen them over the years). THey were excellent

I was too young to see them in teh early 70s being a child in the 60s trahter than a child of the 60s!