21 October 2010

Bebe ponders my fate

There better be good cat food for us when you're dole scum, human

Fiday cat blogging is a little early this week


Andrew Scott said...

Rather than pondering, I think that is blissful ignorance.

Tomorrow will see the end of the past and the dawn of the future Jams. Good luck.

jams o donnell said...

Ah but she is a wise one.. and being a t, vengeful!

Seriously here goes my last day, Andrew. Thanks for your kind words!

Knatolee said...

Typical cat. They're all narcissists!

beakerkin said...

Bebe is quite capable of suplementing her rations with small birds and animals.

Bryan said...

Ted is quite capable of larger game, if the mood strikes him, but it doesn't come on a dish and can be quite messy and noisy.

Bebe is just being a cat.

Leaving anything after a quarter century is a bit of trauma, but, based on what it being reported, better on your terms than your current government's.

Good luck, Jams.

jams o donnell said...

They are indeed Knatolee!

She certainly can... or at least she happily brings the little buggers in but she has forgotten about eating them. We do get a fair few corpses.

She is. She uses Robyn as a big furry pillow! It's a big change Bryan, now to get on with the rest of my life!

nursemyra said...

great coat

jams o donnell said...

Both are gloriously fluffy!