20 March 2011

Libyan air strikes start

French, RAF and USAF aircraft have been in action over Libya. Canadian, Spanish Danish, Norwgian, Qatari and UAE aircraft are to follow suit. The indications are that they are having some effect but time will tell. Hopefully they will have a major effect on Ghaddafi's ability to wreak slaughter on the rebels. Libyan media sources have reported dozens of civilian deaths - how true these reports is anyone's guess at the moment.

I support the strikes for the following reasons:

  • Although weeks too late they should help ensure that the Libyan uprising is not crushed. To have stood aside and done nothing would have seen Ghaddafi wreak an appalling vengeance on the rebels.
  • By stepping in and helping to stop a Ghaddafi victory should prevent a protracted insurgency by rebels disillusioned by the West. This would have been a gift to hardline Islamists.
  • The attacks should provide cover for the the rebels, at the very least, to  regain towns lost to forces loyal to Ghaddafi over the last couple of weeks,
  • Hopefully thought the strikes will assist in regime change
It is not that I do not have reservations about the strikes:
  • Not so very long ago the countries that are now leading leading the strikes  were engaging in a "rapprochement" with the very person they are now seeking  to remove
  • Little regard is being given to protests elsewhere in the Arab world and nothing is being done to stem the murder of protestors, particularly in Yemen and Bahrain.
  • No action would have been taken had there not have been huge commercial interests in Libya.  
 Let's see what happens


Gledwood said...

It's terrible all that wasted money and for what??

jams o donnell said...

If it helps unseat a vicious dictator then it is money well spent. On the other hand it would be nice of the Toalies if money could be found for other things too in stead of their slash and burn approach to public spending