08 March 2011

The Wind Will Take Us

It's been a while since I posted a poem by Forough Farrokhzad

The Wind Will Take Us

In my small night, ah
the wind has a date with the leaves of the trees
in my small night there is agony of destruction
do you hear the darkness blowing?
I look upon this bliss as a stranger
I am addicted to my despair.

listen do you hear the darkness blowing?
something is passing in the night
the moon is restless and red
and over this rooftop
where crumbling is a constant fear
clouds, like a procession of mourners
seem to be waiting for the moment of rain.
a moment
and then nothing
night shudders beyond this window
and the earth winds to a halt
beyond this window
something unknown is watching you and me.

O green from head to foot
place your hands like a burning memory
in my loving hands
give your lips to the caresses
of my loving lips
like the warm perception of being
the wind will take us
the wind will take us.

Translated by Ahmad Karimi Hakkak

I know I've posted this poem before but it is one of my favourite poems so here it is again.

The poem and several other works by Forough Farrokhzad can be found here


Francis Hunt said...

This is truly beautiful, jams. Thank you.

Claude said...

Thank you again, Jams! I often read her since you revealed her poems in French and English. Such a moving voice. Her soul transcends all languages. It reaches the depth of our humanity. She is in all of us, from the beginning and till the end of time.

jams o donnell said...

Francis I am so glad you like her poem. She was a great poet who was taken from the world far too young

Ah Claude you have hit the nail on the head. Her work transcends all