19 August 2011

Common sense on appeal

Ursula Nevin took no part in the Manchester riots but was sentenced to five months in prison for handling a pair of shorts looted by her lodger.

The day after the riots Nevin had tried on and decided to keep a pair of shorts her housemate Gemma Corbett, 24, stolen from the Vans store in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

A week later Nevin, who has two young children was freed on appeal.
Judge Andrew Gilbart QC sitting at Manchester crown court said the sentence had been "wrong in principle" because she had not been at the scene of the disturbances.
The apeal court handed down a revised sentence of  75 hours unpaid work instead.

Richard Vardon, representing Nevin at the appeal hearing, said the doting mother had been put in a terrible position by her housemate – and had been devastated to find herself separated from her children and in jail.
Judge Gilbart said: "Ursula Nevin did not go into Manchester city centre – we regard it as wrong in principle that she was made the subject of a custodial sentence." He told her to leave the court and go and look after her children.
I fully agree that the rioters should be punished but some of the sentences handed out have been ridiculous, smacking of politically motivated vengeance than any justice.

This woman should have been punished but should never have been sent to prison. I am glad that the  Court of Appeals is more level headed than the lower courts. Now to see if the guy who stole a bottle of water is freed from prison...


Anonymous said...

wow - that was harsh. I'm glad it was repealed

jams o donnell said...

I'm glad it was too. It was a fucking disgrace

A Doubtful Egg said...

The vengeful and hysterical sentences being handed down in the UK after the riots are very disturbing indeed (four years for setting up a Facebook page which didn't actually cause any rioting, for example). The Tories are loving it, I'd imagine: tough on crime and all that (as long as it's not committed by someone wearing a pinstripe suit).

jams o donnell said...

Agreed there have been Mail readers with enormous erections over these sentences Egg.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

yeah... the excess of righteous wrath.

jams o donnell said...

True Snoopy/ Some of the sentences were idiotic