05 February 2011

Normal drivel will resume asap

Spent a cheerful day at the polyclinic (couldn't get an appointment for two weeks at my GP's - It was never like that a year ago). Got an inflamed tendon, painkillers and anti inflammatories. Will be back blogging soon.. But first a day or two more of lying down


Francis Sedgemore said...

What on Earth is a "polyclinic"? It sounds absolutely frightful. Get well soon, Comrade O'Donnell.

Claude said...

Glad that you were given pain medication. Here, you would wait in Emergency Room for at least ten hours before you could be seen!Take care, Jams!

beakerkin said...

Read my comment on the image of the greatest member of your household.

Send the not wife out for Epson Salt.
The stuff really does work and the worst side effect is that you will be
volnerable to Ted's plan for cooking you with some carrots and Onions. Accountant broth is supposedly a Tuxedo Cat delicacy so be wary

CherryPie said...

I hope you feel better soon.

jams o donnell said...

Haha Francis. Well a 3 hour wait there
was netter than a 2 week wait for a GP. The staff there were truly stakhanovites!

If I had gone to A&E here I would have waited a long time too. especially on a Saturday Claude

Things are much improved Beak. Thanks for the suggestion

I am feeling much better but it still hurts a lot. A day or two more rest methinks Cherie