06 May 2011

Oh poor BNP (hahahahaha)

I'm glad to see Labour making reasonable gains in England and Wales (I'm glad I'm not a party member in Scotland though!) while the Lib Dems are getting a pounding.

What does please me intensely is that so far the BNP has lost all six council seats declared so far (five in Stoke and one in Boston). Oh how sad. Perhaps they will now crawl back under the stone they came from

Post script. the BNP's descent into oblivion continues from last year when they also took a pounding in the local elections. Of the 12 BNP seats up for re-election they lost 10. Two too few in my opinion but good enough!


susan said...

We had very bad news earlier this week when Harper's Conservative government gained a majority in Parliament. Although I have no use for the Liberals it was a pity the NDP didn't take enough seats to form an opposition - not even with a coalition of other minority ministers. I fear for Canada and the changes the next 5 years could bring.

jams o donnell said...

If I were Canadian I would have voted NDP, no doubt. The electoral system allowed the conservatives to come through. TH same happens here.

We voted down a change to our system but the proposed new system was crap.

Knatolee said...

I echo Susan's sentiments exactly. First time I have ever cried over an election result! And I am pleased the BNP is getting flushed down the loo, as it should be.

jams o donnell said...

I wonder if the NDP can capitalise on its gains and make a play for government come the next election. I would definitely be an NDP voter if in Canada

jams o donnell said...

As for the BNP Knat, the loos is the best place for them. They can go off and join all the other human shit where they belong!