25 October 2007

Giuliani to be lynched?

Giuliani faces Uzi toting Yankees fans

First there was the story of Mitt Romney and the dog on the roof rack; then Hilary Clinton became history’s joint greatest monster (along with Cherie Blair) after news broke over her abandonment of Socks the cat; now it seems that Rudy Giuliani has committed a more heinous crime than Clinton and Romney combined. Giuliani has not been caught puling the limbs off a Daddy Long Legs or biting the head off a chicken. Far worse: it seems that he has switched his sporting allegiance to a hated rival.

I must admit that I know little about baseball but I do know about sporting rivalries. A fan would rather cut their feet off rather than wish a rival team well, so it will have horrified diehard New York Yankees fans when Giuliani declared his support for the Boston Red Sox in the upcoming World Series

The New York Daily News reported with horror that Giuliani had transformed himself into a Red Sox fan on the eve of the World Series. "I'm rooting for the Red Sox," he told a Boston audience. "I'm an American League fan, and I go with the American League team, maybe with the exception of the Mets. Maybe that would be the one time I wouldn't because I'm loyal to New York."

While his words may have drawn appreciative nods from Red Sox fans, the hometown crowd in New York was quick to call him out:

"The next time he goes to Yankee Stadium, we will boo," vowed Charlie Egan, a carpenter from Long Island.

"Yankee fans forget nothing." "He said that?" exclaimed a shocked Bob Herbert, a Brooklyn maintenance worker. "He should be ashamed of himself. He is doing what Hillary did," het added, referring to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, whom Giuliani mocked just last week for dividing her loyalty between the Yankees and the .National League Cubs of her native Chicago.

Among Yankees fan Giuliani's probably ranks alongside Benedict Arnold in the pantheon of turncoats/ I can just see the angry mobs breaking out the pitchforks and flaming torches in preparation for Giuliani’s return to New York. There is a good chance that he will become the first presidential candidate to be lynched since Anton LaVey was declared that he was running as the Satan Party candidate at the 1987 NRA conference..

Perhaps there is another reason for his conversion: Back in 1954 he played for Garden City South Red Sox. Could he have been a closet Bostonian fall along?


Liz Hinds said...

It's a bit like the future Prince of Wales being an England supporter ...

Now that would never happen!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Anton LaVey is always a hot source of discussion on the Coast to Coast radio program. My favorite story is how he put a curse on Jayne mansfield when she tried to break free of his cult. He tore her picture out of a magazine in doing so cutting off the head. Days later she was decapitated in a car accident.

I find him infinitely more interesting than Guiliani whom I personally despise for reasons I've already told you. His betrayal of Texans by helping to orchestrate the Trans Corridor allowing ramshackle Mexican trucks to motor across Texas with god only knows what cargo without inspection is unforgivable.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

This probably wouldn't have been so bad if it was in 2 different cities. NY and Boston have a heated rivalry to begin with.

Rudy isn't my favorite but since I live near NYC and go there a lot I would say he did a very amazing job there. His IQ is about 150 points higher than that moron from Texas we have now.

jams o donnell said...

heaven forfend Liz. Perhaps they could live in Wales too. Now that would be a novel idea!

Nice story EWBl I hadn't heard that one about him and LaVey. As you can imagine I don't think much of the Church of Satan. I don't have particularly strong views on Giuliani. As a Mayor he seemed to do a good job. Some of the things I've seen since have tarnished that a bit. Needless to say if I was an American voter I would be extremely unlikely to vote for a Republican. I'd be hard pushed to vote for most Democrats either but then the axis of america politics seems rather further to the left that it is in the UK

Hi Digital Flower Pictures. I wasn't greatly aware of the rivalries. It doesn't surprise me, wither do teh rivalries. I would have expedcted them to be milder than some of teh football rivalries here in the UK: Manchester United and City; Liverpool and Everton: Glasgow Rangers and Celtic. I lokk in dismay at Bus at times. I am also dismayed at the way Blair did not say no to his biggest folly, Iraq

jmb said...

What a storm in a teacup.

As a Mayor he seemed to do a good job.

Actually he was an extremely unpopular mayor until 9/11, when his reputation changed dramatically.

jams o donnell said...

I know this is a storm in a teacup, jmb, but one that amused me. I knew that crime had fallen in New York and he had been re-elected. I presumed he must have been doing something right, even though I would be unlikekley to vote GOP if I was Anerican

Digital Flower Pictures said...

That is one thing I liked about Rudy. He didn't always do what was popular. I do think the city got back on track and as someone who has to go there 2 or 3 times a week it was a heck a lot cleaner and safer then before he took over. He took on the petty 'quality of life' crimes and that seemed to help, and which a lot of people said couldn't be done.

*Disclaimer: I am not going to vote for Rudy nor do I support his Presidential bid but I would have taken him over Bush for the last eight years, happily.

jams o donnell said...

I can imagine Digital Flowers TO be honest he has not struck me as being much of a president.