27 October 2007

Scumbag gets three years for urinating on dying neighbour

It’s your birthday, you’ve been drinking and have smoked some cannabis, you find out that your neighbour has collapsed outside in the street, do you:
  1. Provide any assistance you can and contact the emergency services
  2. Kick, pour water, then urinate on her while your friends capture your antics on a phone camera?

If your answer is (2) then your name may well be Anthony Anderson, your friends might be Scott Clement and Simon Whitehead.

Yesterday Jude Peter Fox told Anderson that he had plumbed the depths of degradation as he jailed him today for three years for outraging public decency having perpetrated the above acts on his disabled neighbour Christine Lakinski as she lay dying.

Susan Jacobs, for the prosecution, said: “Apparently urged on by the fact Scott Clement and Simon Whitehead found his actions amusing, the defendant then stated he was going to urinate on the woman. Simon Whitehead, having cleared space on his mobile, proceeded to record him urinating all over Christine’s prone body, throughout which she remained motionless.” One of the group shouted “this is YouTube material” as the Anderson’s actions were filmed.

The group left her motionless on the pavement and no-one thought to ring an ambulance until they had got ready to go nightclubbing, some 20 minutes later. Paramedics arrived around an hour after she collapsed, and found no sign of life. A post-mortem examination revealed she died from pancreatic failure. Police traced the 999 call to Mr Clement and Anderson was arrested that night in a nightclub.

Judge Fox, told Anderson he had “violated this woman in an incredible way and the shocking nature of your acts over a prolonged period of time must mean a prison sentence of greater length is appropriate in this case. I am sure all decent people will be absolutely disgusted not only at the actions of Anthony Anderson but also those other people present who stood and watched and laughed, and in one case recorded the incident on a mobile phone”.

Outside the court Miss Lakinski’s the family said in a statement: “We hope that prison will give him time to reflect on his disgusting actions as the opportunity to examine his conscience. “We remain totally shocked that anyone could behave in such an appalling way... However, those who stood by and did nothing to stop Anderson are also guilty in our eyes. It beggars belief that these people chose not only to condone his cruelty, but also to walk away from a neighbour who was clearly in distress and needed help. “

Anyone with a shred of common decency would have at least phoned the emergency services, but not this bunch of scumbags (as far as I am concerned Whitehead and Clement are as guilty as Anderson). I only hope someone will come to their aid when they need it. Perhaps then they will truly realise how disgusting their actions were.


Westcoast Walker said...

WOW - I hadn't heard about this story before (probably because I am in Canada). What a truly repulsive act.

Deep down in the depths of my soul I really want to believe that such individuals represent some sort of rare deviation or aberration - though still you have to wonder about how this may reflect the crumbling morality and rampant individualism in Western culture.


I like your blog by the way - I did a random check of others who noted Dead Can Dance as a musical favourite & yours came up.


jams o donnell said...

It's a disgraceful story isn't it. I can't imagine he would be popular in prison.

Thanks for visiting the Poor MOuth. I love Dead Can Dance. Lisa Gerard has an amazing voice. I'm glad you like what you see.

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, What an a-hole. Why would sumone do that?

jams o donnell said...

Beacuse they are scumbags I suppose

CFD Ed said...

It is truly difficult to even attempt to understand such a creature. Words fail me.

Anonymous said...

We hear of so many ghastly things these days but this - short of murder - takes the biscuit.
Makes you want to take up vigilantism.'There is a vigilante pensioner on the lose - watch out...!'

jams o donnell said...

Agreed Phil, it's the lowest of the low. Welcome to the Poor Mouth btw

Hi Aileni, welcome to the Poor Mouth too. I know what you mean. My gut feeling is not too far different. On teh other hand vigilantes too often target the wrong people