14 October 2007

Patricia McKeever in running for prestigious award.

A few months ago I put up a post about Patricia McKeever , the secretive editor of the Catholic Truth (catholictruthscotland) website and newsletter. Her desire for personal privacy does not extend to catholic priests and teachers who she believes to be gay or have any social contact with gay men. This extract from Catholic Truth’s January newsletter gives a good indication of their targets and tactics:

...one of the first scandals brought to our attention is that of the laymen, x and y who provide the music for the Mass in *****, offered by Fr *****. Apparently, their music is beautiful but x and y are widely believed to be much more than a musical duo: indeed ,it appears to be common knowledge that they have, for some years now, lived as an openly “gay” couple, with Father ***** a regular visitor to their flat and a popular guest at their social events.

However, when our research officer rang, x reacted angrily and refused to confirm or deny that he and y live together as a homosexual couple. Our subsequent recorded delivery letter was refused and returned unopened; Since this triangular social is common knowledge within Catholic circles in Like x and y Father **** has ignored our recorded delivery letter, so we must presume that he sees nothing wrong in continuing his public friendship with this homosexual couple.

It is pleasing to note that McKeever’s relentless campaign could be given the recognition it deserves. She joins Jeremy Clarkson in receiving a nomination for Stonewall’s coveted Bigot of the Year.award. McKeever is said to be “honoured” to receive a nomination. It is not yet clear whether she will attend the award ceremony at the Albert Hall on 1 November.