01 November 2007

Heard the one about the President and the supermodel?

According to a Caracas newspaper, Naomi Campbell was wearing a "revolutionary and exquisite white dress from the prestigious Fendi fashion house" when she to met Hugo Chavez at the Miraflores palace in Caracas on Tuesday. President Chavez wore a baggy red shirt.

Better known for her tantrums than her political stance Campbell allied herself with Mr Chávez during a trip to Brazil. At an appearance before local business leaders in Sao Paulo she reportedly said: "I hate Bush." It is not clear, however, whether this statement related to the President of the USA or her views on waxing. Nevertheless, an invitation to Venezuela was secured shortly afterwards.

If Chávez was expecting a leftist firebrand he will have been disappointed by the model's comments to reporters on arriving at the presidential palace. "I'm not here to be political," she said, before revealing that this was not her first visit to Venezuela. It was, it emerged, her second. "You have a huge country," she purred, "very beautiful, with big waterfalls."

Perhaps President Chavez has seen the downside of allying himself with the likes of Mugabe and Ahmadinejad and has gone for some more media friendly choices. Next month Kate Moss and Heidi Klum will join him on his weekly “Hello President” programme for a discussion on accessorising and a rousing performance of the Internationale.


Roland Dodds said...

With great thinkers like Campbell on his side, Chavez is surely to rule over all intellectuals soon!

Unknown said...

I'd say make Naomi Campbell foreign secretary of Britain.

1.) First Black Foreign Secretary of the UK
2.) She will kill some with her looks and charm
3.) others with her well known temper.
4.) Will be an ambassador to free self expression for women in countries where covering up is still what the men demand.
5.) Probably can talk more "sense" and "truth" than the political asses that strive to be political leaders at this moment.

jams o donnell said...

Ooh sarky Roland! Chavez does seem to take a scattergun approach to allies.

Hmm on the other hand I wonder how many wars she would start...

CC said...

When I saw that picture I thought it was a third installment in the 'Dumb And Dumber' series.

jams o donnell said...

It is such an odd pairing. I still think she was talking about waxing - She hated Bush but loved Brazilians

Crushed said...

She is and alway will be, beautiful.

Sometimes a ebony goddesscan acheive wonders marxist rhetoric never will.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Love your Bush comment! I couldn't work out what on earth she was doing there - but probably neither could she.

Daniel of "Daniels Counter" said...

I don't like how some like elasticwaistaband and welshcakes diss Naomi Campbell. Naomi was as a fact the first ever Black super model on stage. We may have a problem with the profession and whole fashion world, but regardless, hers in a world of white pale anorexics and white men in suits was a step not many would have dared to to take. Perhaps Chavez understands more about how that may feel than some of the frolic moaners in the comment section of Poor Mouth, and is able to give Ms Campbell some respectful reception, just like Nelson Mandela. That's where it's at.

jams o donnell said...

She is beautiful, for sure Ingsoc, but Idont think she has much else to commend her.

Lol Crushed to be honest I wonder if she realised what she was letting herself in for. or if Chavez did! As a propaganda exercise it was hardly a success!

There were black models befoer Naomi, Dominic (Donyale Luna for example, perhaps the first balck supermodel) Anyway I don't have much time for the fashion industry (it seems to exist so as to give ad execs someone to look down on) or most of the people involved in it, including Naomi Campbell.

I don't think Chavez is a monster but he is prone to some stupid showboating. The audience with Naomi Campbell seems to be a daft propaganda stunt on his part.

Daniel of "Daniels Counter" said...

Why should we expect a great political mind from Naomi Campbell. She is only a woman that walks up and down the stage. Still I am sure she has something to say about the late 80s and early 90s when she broke through around the world. Of course there were Black models before her, but Campbell managed to get herself through the full range of fashion houses.

On the other hand, given that Chavez has note made a speech honouring this as an achievement, one wonders why it was so publically announced.

Some argue also, rightly, that Naomi entered the fashion world with Black skin, but not Black styles (allusion to her Black long straight weave on), and surely she is a world from say some one like Dr Rice, or Baroness Amos, or Baroness Young, but then again I doubt many know Young and Amos outside of Britain, Naomi Campbell, for better or for worse is known world wide.

Going back to my point, I think she should simply be recognized as a person who achieved a break through against a world that was far than easy to break through. I give her credit for that. I can hardly give her credit for more either, nor have I been or are an expert on her life (I haven't even studied her Wikipedia entry) but it doesn't mean I can deny her any intellect, as the Bush remark, or other ones made. And of course Chavez is a man who likes the headlines, alongside the other pink-red new leaders of Latin America. An audience with Ms Campbell was certainly not the worst move. I wonder however how much credit Campbell has as an anti Capitalist speaker, given her choice of life style and people she mingles with otherwise.

Incognito said...

Chavez and his celebrity sycophants are a joke. Not sure what the celebs reasoning for lapping the feet of a red not pink autocrat, but Chavez definitely has several personality disorders, the major of which is narcissism.

Maybe he met with her to get some makeover tips.. He certainly could use some.
As for her Fendi dress... oh, never mind..

jams o donnell said...

I don't quite see Chavez as the ravening monster that some portray him but his showboating does make him seem foolish.

Incognito said...

Wait a while, mark my words.. he's already crushing the student demonstrators in Venezuela.. 2 already dead.....unless of course you admire Fidel, then maybe he wouldn't be so bad in one's mind. Not in my mind. I've seen first hand how the Cubans have to live. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

just my 2 cents..

jams o donnell said...

Point taken incognito, I am no supporter of Castro and there is no condoning deaths during the reent demonstrations in Venezuela.

I don't see Chavez as history's greatest monster in the making (I hope not anyway). I don't see him as anywhere near the hero that others see him either. My posts on Chavez tend to mock his showboating - allying with some really unsavoury types (eg Mugabe), his poetry, his folk singing etc.