09 October 2010


BBC News 24 is reporting that the rescue of the miners trapped in the San Jose mine could be just days away now.

Rescuers have now drilled through to the chamber where the miners are trapped. According to the BBC the timing of the rescue now depends on whether the shaft needs to be lined before the men can be brought to the surface.

The mine owners will have a lot of hard questions to answer when the dust settles, so to speak.. (and a huge lawsuit), but in the meantime here's hoping that the ordeal of these brave men is over soon


Knatolee said...

It will be a joyful day for their families when they are finally rescued!

jams o donnell said...

It certainly will be a joyous day Knatolee

Liz Hinds said...

here's hoping indeed. i can't imagine what it's been like for them.

JD said...

It looks like it will be another week before they are all out safely. They might need to line the shaft, as you say and there is also the dynamiting of the bottom of the shaft to be carried out before all is secure for the rescue to take place safely.
One of the miners is Bolivian and PresidentEvo Morales has decided he needs to be there and Chilean President PiƱero wants to be there also. What is it about politicians...?
Congratulations to the engineering team who have done a great job over the past 9 weeks.

Claude said...

I hope that proper care will be given to them when they come up. I will take a long time for the emotional recovery.

susan said...

My dad was a coal miner in the north when he was young and his stories were profound lessons to me. I hope those men will be well.

jams o donnell said...

I agree totaly Liz.

Ah I think that politicians are like lizards, they like to bask in the warm feelings of the people! What better opportunity to bask!

Agreed Claude they will need a long time to recover, if they ever fully recover.

I can only imagine what stories your father has to tell.

JD said...

No need to worry about their mental well-being. I have just seen this from EFE, the Spanish news agency.
The miners are debating among themselves as to who will have the honour of being the last man out!
As I said in your earlier post, miners are a tough breed both mentally and physicaly.


jams o donnell said...

Wow they are iron men JD, no doubt about that!