28 December 2012

Parted This Life 2012, Part III

3 September saw the passing of charlatan and all round arsehole  the "Reverend"Sun Myung Moon founder of the Unification Church although they are better known as the Moonies. This is less to do with being founded by someone with the name Moon, rather it is  because they are a bunch of arses. Sun Myung Moon was 92.

Historian Eric Hosbawm died on 1 October at the age of 95. Whether Marxist or not his works were well worth reading.

Paddy Roy Bates died on 9 October. An army officer who saw service in WWII he is best known as the Prince of Sealand the Maunsell Fort off the Essex coast where he created the micronation of Sealand in 1967.

Antoni Dobrowski was 108 when he died on 21 October.At present he is the oldest known survivor of Auschwitz

South African born Australian author Bryce Courtenay died on 22 November. He may be best remembered for novels like the Power of One but apparently he was the creative force behind the first Milky Bar adverts.Here is a montage:

That he persuaded people to actually buy that shit means that he is either a god among men or history's greatest monster.....

Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer was 105 when he died on 5 December.  Most people leave a small footprint on the earth at the time of their passing Niemeyer has Brasilia....


9 December saw the passing of Sir Patrick Moore.Perhaps no other person did more to enthuse several generations of Britons about the wonders of astronomy.Shame he was a tosser on other issues.

Boxing Day saw the passing of Gerry Anderson the man who created many of the tv shows I loved as a child.

Including Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. I also loved UFO although at the time I did not appreciate the beauty of Ayshea Brough although I do remember Lift Of with Ayshea

But UFO did feature Nic Drake's sister in a silly wig!

There are a few days to go so still scope for an update


Silent Hunter said...

Don't forget French gameshow creator Jacques Antoine.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Interesting list. The age some of them reached is exemplary.

Cannot avoid a remark on Hosbawm. My problem with this character is not that he was a Marxist but that he was an unapologetic Stalinist till his last breath.

beakerkin said...


Moon may have founded a stupid cult.
The cult while stupid did not kill
millions. Hosbawm killed millions up until the end. There just is no excuse or rationalization for that type of evil.

jams o donnell said...

AH yes SH... Fort Boyard?

Ach perhaps I was a bit kind Snoopy.I did find his works well worth reading as I did Christopher Hill's on the 17th Century

Well he didn't actually kill those people but perhaps a bit too kind about him

Silent Hunter said...

Not just Boyard - also Treasure Hunt and The Crystal Maze among many others.

I don't believe a single English paper carried an obit for him, but a lot of French ones did.

jams o donnell said...

Ah yes.I think it was mentioned in passing but no big obits.