30 December 2012

What the New Year will bring

I have no idea what it will bring ut I am certain that my father will turn 87 on Wednesday my mother 85 in July and I will turn 50 in March. Shirl will turn 49.

I hope that I will e able to report that both parents will still be with us this time next year.I am not sure. Both of them are getting frailer and frailer.

I doubt that Robyn will be with us this time next year.It would be nice if he makes it to 19 in April.

As for other matters I resolve to avoid most commentators in the press. Most of them are utter tossers.If I do read a comment piece I will avoid the reader comments.If most commentators are jerks then most of the people who comment need psychiatric help.

I will avoid a number of sites which just angry up the blood and so on and so on


Syncopated Eyeball said...

To my friend Shaun, his beloved Shirley and their pussy cat friends, I send wishes for all good things and a peaceful new year and beyond. x

jams o donnell said...

Why thank you Syncy Fingers crossed!

Syncopated Eyeball said...

I have my fingers crossed too: I have finally been given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder type 2 so I have what I hope is a more effective medication to help control my mood swings.
I'm now wondering if instead of being seen as a malingerer by some people who don't understand depression, I'll now be seen as mad. Ha ha!

jams o donnell said...

Ah that is a positive step.I hope that the new meds will be a help.Happy new Year

Syncopated Eyeball said...

Thank you. :)

Happy new year to you, especially, because the last one was a real stinker!

jams o donnell said...

Thanks Lets hope we all have a good 2013