07 July 2006


Londoners placing flowers at the memorial Flower Mosaic, Regents Park 7 July


Garth said...

I saw the memorial on television here in NZ and was deeply disturbed.
Yes, disturbed by the event that it is remembering, but also for how the event is being cynically used as propaganda.

Agnes said...

If the death of innocent people can be viewed as propaganda, that tells the story. Be it invasion or terrorism.

jams o donnell said...

7/7 would have been an international new story but its effects were felt across the world. New Zealander Shelley Mather was killed at Russell Square. If you want to call the memorials on Friday propaganda, fine but if you had seen any of the memorial sites you might see things differently.

On the other hand, what was put out by Al Qaeda on Thursday was propaganda, nothing more, nothing less.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I definitely had you guys in mind on Friday. Slowly, every country is gaining their own version of 9/11, thanks to rampant terrorism. Notably, Spain's 3/11 and England's 7/7.

England's day of tragedy feels especially poignant due to homegrown terrorists as perpetrators. I can't imagine an expectant father forsaking his own family to kill innocent people. You cannot reason with people who adopt and abide by a "Culture Of Death". Precious life means nothing to them.

jams o donnell said...

I have thought about Jermaine Lindsay and I cannot get my head around his choice. No glory, just infamy for a mad ideal