09 September 2006

David Beresford on the Art of Contrition

Yesterday David Beresford posted an article called the Art of Contrition in the Guardian’s Comment is Free section. I had not noticed it until I was checking my visitor stats and I was puzzled to see a number of referrals from the article.

Mr Beresford had linked to an item I posted on 28 August called An Act of Contrition. This was about a former Aparthied era Law and Order Minister who washed the feet of Rev Frank Chikane, a man he allegedly tried to have murdered.

Given that Mr Vlok’s act was given widespread coverage I am surprised that a veteran
journalist would choose to link to what I wrote!. I’m not sure what to make of his using “washed the feet of a black man” as the link title though, even if it is factual, Ah well no publicity is bad publicity, except if you've just poisoned the Ugley Women's Institute!

One thing I hadn't noticed was that I had managed to lose the link to the Guardian article I quoted in "an act of contrition". I have now restored that link.


Steve Hayes said...

The point, surely was not that Vlok washed the feet of a black man, but that he washed the feet of a man whose attempted murder he connived at.

jams o donnell said...

Thanks for your coment steve. When I saw the story originally ot was the act of contrition itself and the reaction that caught my eye. I was a bit perturbed to find a link using the term quoted.

For me it semed like a sincere act even iof it did seem a touch odd to ths agnostic.