19 December 2007

Getting in the mood for some Hawkwind

Silver Machine sung by Arthur Brown who guested with the Hawks for a couple of years

Spirit of the Age featuring talk show host Matthew Wright on vocals

Arrival in Utopia (Harvey Bainbridge's monologue goes on a bit). Kris Tait tones down the fire eating in the tv studio.

Angels of Death


Anonymous said...

How did Hawkwind go btw?

jams o donnell said...

They were on great form. The support band, a French trash metal band caled Prime Sinister, were okay but they became a bit boring after a few songs. THe Hawks really were on great form. The new poermanent bassist Mr Dibs fitted in really well - he should do, he was their roadie and has guested many times. Tim Blake was excellent, especially on the theremin. Things went awry only once -some of the vocals on one song sounded a bit out of tune - but they were tight and played a marvellous set.