21 December 2007

Xmas tree meme and award

I was tagged by Liza to participate in the first Christmas tree carnival. Who was I to turn that offer down? Our tree is a Nordland fir. It is about as wide as it is high - perhaps a poor choice in a narrow house! we like it though.

I won't tag anyone but if you want to take part, follow these rules:

This is a first annual 2007 Christmas Tree Blog Parade meme created and conceptualized by OTWOMD of Bluepanjeet.Net The purpose of this meme is to enliven the Christmas spirit by showing to the world our very own Christmas trees. They say that it is on the Christmas tree that best describes how a person celebrates Christmas. So here are the rules:

1. Copy the Logo of this meme (Download it on the sidebar and resize it that will best fit your blog or according to your desire) and post it on your entry.
2. Take a photo of your Christmas tree inside your house. A whole shot is the most appropriate photo. And post it on your entry
3. Tell something about your Christmas tree like who decorated it, what are the ornaments and accessories, or what is the theme and meaning of your Christmas tree this year.
4. You can put any title on your meme but don’t forget to include this “2007 1st Christmas Tree Blog Parade”.
5. Do the link train history. Put the link of your previous bloggers who tagged you and your own link, Example: Tag History: Bluepanjeet - “you” -

The link train will provide clue on “who tagged who” and at the same time a reference of data for the creator of this meme.

On The feast of Three Kings on January (The official ending of the Christmas Season), Bluepanjeet.Net will launch a mini site that will feature all of the participant’s Christmas trees for 2007 with a link back to their site. That is why it is very vital that you maintain the link history so that your Christmas tree will be included in the Christmas tree blog parade of 2007 and will be a part of history.

So tag now, you only have one month to spread this meme.

I was also presented another award by Siani. Thanks Siani! I'm glad you like the Poor Mouth


Liz said...

Hi Jams! Thanks for participating, the tree may be wide but it's beautiful. Have a nice day!

jams o donnell said...


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I like your tree and your award, jams!

I saw a Redneck Blogger Award with an 18-wheeler on it at someones blog and I desperately want to claim it for myself!

jams o donnell said...

Thanks Ewbl. A redneck blogger award now that must be the oscar of the blog awards!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

ours was as wide as it was hight too; in fact there was no top to put a star or angel so it went in the center of the tree where it actually ended

jams o donnell said...

Ah. ours was nearly a foot taller. THe not-wife cut off the top to make the star fit.