15 December 2007

Most definitely not a tragedy of our times

Photo hunt follows

According to today’s Independent The British National Party is gripped by civil war amid bitter personality clashes and claims of dirty tricks by rival factions (my heart bleeds). The leader, Nick Griffin, is facing vehement criticism of his stewardship.

Tensions within party ranks came to a head when two key organisers were accused of plotting a coup against Mr Griffin and sacked for "gross misconduct". But they have been backed by at least 50 activists and councillors, setting the scene for a struggle for control of the party.The rebels insist they are loyal to the BNP, but some observers suspect another extreme right-wing grouping could emerge to challenge the party.Activists' anger focuses on two of Mr Griffin's allies – Mark Collett, the party's director of publicity, and Dave Hannam, its regional organiser – and the BNP leader's support for them.

The criticism has been led by Sadie Graham, the head of group development, and Kenny Smith, head of administration. The pair were removed from their posts following an investigation by the BNP's "intelligence team" which was alleged to have tricked its way into Ms Graham's home and taken away computers. She and Mr Smith were dismissed for setting up an "anti-BNP smear blog" and for plotting a "spectacularly ill-timed and amateurish alleged coup attempt". Simon Darby, the BNP spokesman, said last night: "They have been caught out getting involved in some very unsavoury business. You have to have discipline in a political party or you have chaos."

The exiles have retaliated by calling for a grassroots revolution to take control of the party. They say that, despite record numbers of councillors, BNP morale has hit an all-time low. They are calling on sympathisers to stay in the BNP, but to resign from party positions and not to renew their membership for the moment. Councillors are urged to quit the party whip and describe themselves as "independent Nationalists". The rebel faction says: "This fight is for our country and our people as much as it is for the party we love."

Mr Darby insisted that 90 per cent of BNP members were not interested in the in-fighting and that the storm would "blow over". Nick Lowles, spokesman for Searchlight, said: "This is a very serious split and one I cannot see being reconciled. One side or another is going to leave the party.

Oh how my heart bleeds for the BNP! At this point it is essential that the factions air their grievances in public as loudly and as vehemently as possible. After all the public has a right to know... The sooner this rabble tears itself apart the better.


Richard Havers said...

All very reminiscent of Oswald Moseley and the Black Shirts

jams o donnell said...

Theyn are a vile bunch too Richard. Here's hoping they just implode

Siani said...

They tricked their way into someone's home and removed property? That's technically burglary. It makes me so sad to hear the BNP is in trouble and may fall apart - NOT. I hope they implode, too. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as the old saying goes.

BTW, remember my article slamming James Watson a few weeks ago? Well, his racist supporters (or possibly Watson himself) started leaving unpleasant comments on my blog, which I refused to publish. I've now disabled comments for that article. I still have one of the comments - I'll mail it to you, so you can see what unadulterated BS it is.

jams o donnell said...

I will shed not a single tear for the demise of the BNP either. I sahll raise a glass to though!

I saw that email. It's utter drivel posing as science!