30 June 2007

Robyn time again

Robyn Hitchcock is playing a benefit for Medecins sans Frontieres tonight at the Three Kings in Clerkenwell. This time he'll be playing Sgt Pepper (last time it was Piper at the Gates of Dawn). Photos to follow as usual.

Bloody hell this will be the fourth time I've seen him in just over six months (December for his last MSF benefit, January on regular tour with the Venus 3, Last month when he recreated Pink Floyd's Games for May concert and tonight!). Some people might say I'm obsessed. The not-wife loves Robyn too but would rather hear him play his own stuff and not Beatles covers.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

It reminds me of that Mrs. Jones song except I would sing it,"Jams and Robyn, Mr. Robyn, they got a thing going on."

I heard another Robyn song this morning courtesy of XM. It was called 'Beautiful Girl.' Have fun tonight, jams and not wife!

jams o donnell said...

LOL ewbl! And a great night was had!