24 August 2008

Iran continues to oppress union activists

Razani and Kheirabadi

From Labour Start

“Repression against labour activists in Iran is intensifying. In recent weeks, there have been numerous cases of arrests and jailings. Most shocking perhaps was the sentencing of two women labour activists (Sousan Razani and Shiva Kheirabadi, pictured) to 15 lashes and four months in prison -- for the "crime" of participating in a May Day celebration.

Additional cases which concern us include:

Mr. Abdullah Khani, 40 lashes and 91 days in prison
Mr. Seyed Qaleb Hosseini, 50 lashes and 6 months in prison
Mr. Khaled Hosseini, 30 lashes and suspended prison sentence
Mr. Farzad Kamangar, a Kurdish teacher, sentenced to death
Mr. Afshin Shams, arrested
Mr. Mansour Osanloo, leader of Tehran's bus workers, in prison since July 2007

We call on the Iranian government to immediately release these prisoners and to cease all repression of labour activists.”

Two days ago Labour Start announced
that. Sousan Razani’s sentence had been increased to 9 months in prison and 70 lashes.

There are many things wrong with this country but I know I am not going to be imprisoned and beaten for attending a May Day celebration. If you are a Trade Unionist (or if you aren’t) you can register your protest at the above link. It may look on the surface like an empty gesture but international pressure can and does work.


Harry Barnes said...

I have supported Labour Start on this issue.

Apologies if you are already aware of this valuable blog on Iran - http://azarmehr.blogspot.com/

Below is the last item I posted on Iran. It provides a label which links to 32 other items on "Iran", including a 7 part series from 4 February called "Understanding Iran". The person trying hard to understand what is happening being myself. - http://threescoreyearsandten.blogspot.com/search/label/Iran

CherryPie said...

Thanks for that up date, I agree international pressure does work.

jams o donnell said...

THanks for the links Harry. Much appreciated. I'm trying hard to get my head around what's happening in Iran too.

It is not alwys effective but the more pressuer put on regimes the more chance they will rethink.

beakerkin said...

This pales in comparison to their
inhuman treatment of the Bhai.

jams o donnell said...

Indeed but it does not mean one should be silent on this matter.

jmb said...

How can we ever have any dealings with countries which continue this type of punishment for their citizens legitimate (to our minds) activities. Unbelievable.

beakerkin said...

No it does not. Yet can we honestly be surprised about anything a government that sends 9 year olds with a plastic key to heaven and walk through minefields does.

Nobody is talking about the Bhai.

Roland Dodds said...

Maybe I am jaded or read so much about Iran’s treatment of labour activists that this no longer surprises me. It still gets me pissed off however.

jams o donnell said...

It is outrageous jmb but not surprising.

Beakerkin.. very true. More should be said about the Baha'i. As I said it does not surprise but it is still a disgrace. Pressure can work. I hope it does in repsect of the unionists

Agreed Roland. No surpsie but still makes angry!