15 August 2008


Ten years ago today the so-called Real IRA planted a car bomb in Omagh which killed 29 and injured a further 220 others. It was the worst single atrocity during the last troubles. The victims were young and old; Catholic, Protestant and Mormon, British, Irish and Spanish. One family lost three generations.

The victims

Olive Hawkes, 60, Omagh

Jolene Marlow, 17, Omagh

Deborah Cartwright, 20, Omagh

Mary Grimes, 65, Beragh, County Tyrone

Avril Monaghan, 30, Aughadarna, County Tyrone (Daughter of Mary Grimes)

Avril Monaghan's baby daughter, Maura,
18 months, Aughadarna, County Tyrone

Sean McLaughlin, 12, Buncrana

James Barker, 12, Buncrana

Oran Doherty, 8, Buncrana

Geraldine Breslin, 43, Omagh

Brenda Logue, 17, Carrickmore

Philomena Skelton, 49, Drumquin

Gareth Conway, 18, Carrickmore

Brenda Devine, 20 months, Donemana

Lorraine Wilson, 15, Omagh

Samantha McFarland, 17, Omagh

Julia Hughes, 21, Omagh

Elizabeth Rush, 57, Omagh

Ricio Abad Ramos, 23, Madrid, Spain

Fernando Blasco Baselga, 12, Madrid, Spain

Esther Gibson, 36, Beragh

Anne McCombe, 48, Omagh

Veda Short, 46, Gortaclare

Aiden Gallagher, 21, Omagh

Alan Radford, 16, Omagh

Fred White, 60, Omagh

His son Brien White, 26, Omagh

Brian McCrory, 54, Omagh

Sean McGrath, 61, Omagh.

They died in a murderous attempt to derail the peace process in Northern Ireland. They failed. For those who believe that this sort of act represents some form of justice I hope you choke on your perverted ideologies. You are vermin.


Anonymous said...

I always add two to the number of victims of Omagh as I think the 7-month old unborn twins of Avril Monaghan should be counted.

jams o donnell said...

That is quite reasonable in my view Heather

Nunyaa said...

How terrible, there is no way this can be seen as justice Jams.

jams o donnell said...

SOme would nunyaa but they are.. noI won't use the c word as it is an insult to that part of a woman.

I had one piece of shit who tried to say that 7/7 was justice but he ranks lower that slime mould in my view.

maryt/theteach said...

jams, I read a book last year or maybe the year before by Mary Gordon called Pearl. It referenced the Omagh bombing and was about
"On Christmas night of 1998, Maria Meyers learns that her twenty-year-old daughter, Pearl, has chained herself outside the American embassy in Dublin, where she intends to starve herself to death. Although Maria was once a student radical and still proudly lives by her beliefs, gentle, book-loving Pearl has never been interested in politics–nor in the Catholicism her mother rejected years before. What, then, is driving her to martyr herself?

Shaken by this mystery, Maria and her childhood friend (and Pearl’s surrogate father), Joseph Kasperman, both rush to Pearl’s side. As Mary Gordon tells the story of the bonds among them, she takes us deep into the labyrinths of maternal love, religious faith, and Ireland’s tragic history. Pearl is a grand and emotionally daring novel of ideas, told with the tension of a thriller."

I thought it might me something you'd like to read. :)

jams o donnell said...

Thanks Mary that sounds like a great read.