25 September 2011

This still brings a shiver of delight

I've posted clips of Ghost Dances before but hell why not post again.

Ghost Dances was created by choreographer Christopher Bruce in 1981 for the Ballet Rambert. I saw them perform this at the Southampton Gaumant in 1982. I was trying to impres a girl with the depth of my culture (in reality at the time it was as deep as what you would find smeared on a petri dish!).

The girl was not impressed but I did fall in love with this piece and went to see them perform it again when they returned to Southampton the following year.

Ghost Dances is a political piece that condemned the dreadful human rights conditions in central America at the time.

It was subsequently performed by the Houston Ballet who filmed their performance. Sadly the DVD is bloody hard to find - I had to pay quite a bit for a copy from the US (and a bit more when customs charged me duty on top!). It is well worth tracking down. Sadly only short clips are available on Youtube. The whole ballet was available at one time.

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